Selling Your Car And Advice To Keep In Mind

15 May 2018
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If you are selling your car, selling it in as-is condition is a great choice because it can protect you down the road should something go wrong with it. Since you can never count on any car to continue running how it is running today, this protection can prove to be important. Also, you never know how the new buyers are going to treat it, so you don't want to be liable if they run it into the ground in a week and try to claim it was sold to them like that. Read More 

Places To Look For Classic Car Parts When You’re Restoring An Old Car

21 January 2018
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Restoring a classic car is a fun hobby to start with your teen or just to enjoy by yourself. You can spend many weekends under the hood tinkering with the old car and fixing it up until it runs and looks nearly as good as it did in its prime. It's a great way for your teen to learn about cars and it's a hobby that can last a lifetime. One problem you may encounter is finding parts for an old car, however, searching can be half the fun. Read More 

3 Custom Items To Sell For Your Youth Football Team’s Fundraising Efforts

28 June 2017
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If you are in charge of fundraising for a team in a youth football league, you may be wondering what else you can do to raise money besides selling candles or holding a raffle of some sort. One thing to keep in mind is that parents, family members, and friends of the children on the team would probably prefer items that can be kept as mementos rather than things that are more disposable, including customized products. Read More 

Dealing With a Sun Allergy

27 March 2017
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Dealing with the embarrassment of frequent rash flare-ups each time that you drive your vehicle in the sun can be frustrating. If you are unable to pinpoint why your skin has been reacting in such a way, get examined by a physician to find out if you are suffering from a sun allergy. It is possible that you are in need of being treated before the problem will go away. You might also need to limit your exposure to the sun while you are out and about. Read More 

Keeping Your Boat Salon Cool And Comfortable Inside

13 March 2017
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Spending time out on the water in your boat can be relaxing, but if you have a lot of glass on the boat, the intense sun coming in the salon windows can add a lot of heat to the interior. On smaller craft, the windshield and pilot house windows can suffer from glare off the water that makes it hard to see. In both cases, there is a way to deal with the sun and reduce the effects it has on your boat. Read More